Acoustic Guitar Workshops 2017

Acoustic Guitar Records
Casale Marchigiano
Osimo (Ancona) via Jesi, 340
- January: from wednesday 3 to Sunday 7
Info here
Casalpina Stimmatini
Malosco (Trento) viale Alpino, 11
in collaboration of Malosco's Municipality and Pro Loco
- July: to be confirmed

Traditional and contemporary fingerstyle techniques  with Franco Morone

Less experienced guitarists will learn basic techniques of fingerstyle, improving technique and musicality. Experts will perfect their training following a program that gradually will allow them to achieve important results. A basic knowledge of reading music and tabs is requested. Registration is open to a limited number of participants.

Individual substances:

  1. Rhythmic reading
  2. Ear training
  3. Scales
  4. Basic harmony
  5. Arrangement and composition
  6. Alternate tunings
  7. Bottleneck
  8. Harp style
  9. Percussions
  10. Argomenti specifici richiesti nella scheda di iscrizione


Group lessons: three hours in the morning – Individual lessons: five hours in the afternoon. For each member will be set to an individual program in relation to his/her experience and preparation Basic, Blues, Jazz, Celtic, Italian, Ethnic. Before the workshop each member receives by e-mail pdf with exercises and tunes.


The registration is activated with a deposit of 60,00 € included in the participation fee which is  395,00 €.

The fee includes:

  • Guitar course with Franco Morone
  • Full Board (from dinner of arrival to breakfast of departure days)
  • Overnight in double room. The single room add a cost of  15,00 € per day.

The cost of full board for accompanying persons is 250,00 € by booking a double room.

To register:

Send an e-mail to Franco to obtain confirmation of availability and fill in details the registration form shown below.

Registration Form:

  • Name and Surname
  • Address
  • Phone
  • E-mail
  • Experience level (base, medium, expert)
  • Repertoire faced so far
  • Personal requirements and objectives prefixed
  • Accomodation (single, double or triple room)
  • Number of accompanying persons
  • Vegetarian of Vegan
  • Children and/or Teens
  • Traveling (car, train, plane)

Click here on Paypal to pay the deposit of 60,00 €