The science of Nutrigenomics informs us that the food ‘ talks ‘ to our DNA by modifying the activity of genes. This means that it is not only a source of  maintenance, but, through knowledge of the different nutrients and the  correct combination,  it is possible to directly intervene on the proper functioning of our organism.

As it regards me, I prefer to opt for a simple kitchen without sophistications. In my life I tried to cook in many ways inspired by different cultures. I have for example, travelled a lot in India. Nevertheless, also appreciating very distant kitchens from ours and also acquiring precious information from them, I believe it’s still essential to direct our culinary choices starting especially from the climatic aspect. It is actually the very nature to provide us with ideas and ideals sprouts assisting us in defining of the diet in base for our seasonal necessities.

A meal should also be pleasant, with a correct satisfaction to the palate, from salty to sweet and should also be compatible with proper administration of calories though, honestly, when the food is good, it’s a little difficult to know how to stop at the right time. However, healthy living is also essential to the quality of the air we breathe, the water we drink and the constant effort to move to improve our physical reactivity. But that’s another story.

Returning to food and its importance, I also believe that to cook well is important to have a good experience in taste and smell and that after some practice you can gain the eagerness to begin to guess correct food combinations exactly as would a good conductor, with the aim of obtaining a certain result, which will be unique as each one of us is. In fact each will form their own vision of together in a unique way, according to your point of view. It is no coincidence that a single recipe, although identical, will meet different results from one person to another.

It is also very important the skill development around the food preparation: from cutting, the ways of cooking, tools needed, familiarity with doses, the mixes, to the choice of raw materials, storage and so on.

But mostly I think it’s essential to cook with the joy that comes from inner calm and that for sure this can be considered the most precious ingredient!

In the recipes you will find some dishes served during our seminars.


It only remains for me to wish you good luck and above all enjoy!

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