Fingerstyle Guitar Lessons

I started playing guitar as a young girl. There was a time when still very young, I would have liked to improve so that I could express myself at my best.

To enrich the accompaniment with more interesting arpeggios, I tried to imitate some American folk artists and singer-songwriters. But I had no notion of fingerstyle technique, and my self-taught attempts were rather weak. At the time, I tried to follow some guitar lessons, but I stopped attending them without having learned much.

After meeting Franco, a world opened up. He started teaching me to use alternate bass, combining different arpeggios of traditional fingerpicking for folk songs.

Studying the Basic Fingerstyle Guitar method, I improved a lot also in reading rhythmic values ​​and tablatures. I liked the song Our Fire Place. It was this that stimulated me in the study. Learning to play it had become a fatal attraction. I had skipped all the exercises and the preliminary pieces for which the study lasted quite a while. Then I started studying the book from the beginning.

After the Basic, I wanted to continue the path with open tunings.

So I started studying some Irish songs from The South Wind discovering completely new, unexpected, simply fantastic sounds!

Now I’m working on some arrangements that Franco wrote for me about songs I love and sing and play.

I have come a little way. In the meantime, I am happy to help Franco during the courses, when needed.

We have a new site on guitar courses and didactics by Franco Morone that I invite you to visit !!