Canti Lontani nel Tempo

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Raffaella Luna
Franco Morone
fingerstyle acoustic guitar

1. La Bergera
2. La Fiola del Paisan
3. Un Bel Giorno Andando in Francia
4. Bella Ciao
5. Non Potho Reposare
6. Nella Maremma La
7. E Quei Briganti Neri
8. Ameme Mi Dona Lombarda
9. Babbino Caro
10. Mamma Mia Dammi Cento Lire
11. Era Una Notte che Pioveva
12. La Turinejsa
13. Prinsi Raimund
14. Siamo Tre Sorelle
15. Sotto L’albero Del Piemonte
16. Rusinot

The final conclusion can not read other than an irresistible, fascinating class product.
New Folk Sound – Holland

This collection of art songs makes it clear how to harmonise musical power and strong emotions. With the help of new, carefully prepared arrangements for voice and solo guitar, “Canti lontani nel tempo” succeeds in making accessible, for the present day, the unostentatious elegance and beauty of traditional music – a type of music that can still surprise and astound the listeners after such a long period of time.
Acoustic Guitar Records – Germany

Her voice has the strength, energy and originality that make the interpretations of these timeless songs into something special. Rounding out this excellent album by the booklet with English text    translations and sources of all songs.
Folker – Germany

“Canti Lontani nel Tempo” is a collection of ancient and traditional songs that brings to light some of the most beautiful and meaningful melodies of Italian music. Franco and Raffaella offer an unique and recognizable sound    with a heavenly and evocative mixture of rare beauty and warmth.
Cd Baby – Usa

The work of Raffaella Luna and Franco Morone let’s face it immediately and bluntly, it’s beautiful.
Carlo De Nonno – Chitarra Acustica

A crystalline guitar  accompanies the beautiful precise voice of Raffaella Luna, wthat interprets with great personality these ballads…a great beautiful album.
Alessandro Nobis – Folkbulletin

A fascinating journey to the re-discovery of roots music.
Massimiliano Spada – Jam

… splendid the voice of Raffaella Luna. The technical perfection of a guitar that makes no compromises with the singing but creates a second voiceexalting the first one. A really interesting album, a philological study truly on the Italian traditional music, well played. A good guitar for those who love the acoustic of Maestro Franco Morone.
Francesco Coniglio – Chitarre

Franco Morone re-read every single song through his peculiar style and his shimmering guitar technique,  while to embellish every song has thought Raffaella Luna, whose voice versatile and elegant opens to the popular culture with great generosity. Thus the listening is a flight through the history of the Italian musical tradition.

Blogfoolk – Italia

Songs we love

CD € 9.90 + 2.90 shipment

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listen to tunes

Raffaella Luna
Franco Morone
fingerstyle acoustic guitar

1. Caledonia
2. Roses, skies blue
3. My name is Luka
4. Lullaby
5. A case of you
6. Plaisir d’amour
7. Il tempo per noi
8. All the diamonds
9. La nuit
10. It’s all over now baby blue
11. Moon is a harsh mistress
12. Where have all the flowers gone
13. Caro mio ben
14. Forever young
15. Cinema Paradiso (main theme)

Their Songs We Love is a disk to love and live they are a delicate strength of the nature.
Sanremout – Italia

The Voice of Raffaella is powerful, passionate and sure and Franco’s guitar… the touch, the sound, the taste in the arrangement they are unique.. it draws elegant plots of accompaniment with unisons and counterpoints, a lesson in style
Chitarre – Italia

Songs We Love sounds original and new. Raffaella has a considerable vocal agility and crystalline timbre. Franco is the guitarist who each interpreter would take at his side, for ductility and the virtuosity he has..
Kataweb Musica – Italia

The listening is full of emotions, excellent workmanship, in short, a great voice like that of Raffaella Luna and a great guitarist like Franco Morone, could only make a real jewel of grace and originality in which a guitar played with style and a gentle voice of rare beauty, are the main ingredients.
Blogfoolk – Italia

The intensity and almost innocent intimacy of interaction seem sometimes to be true almost too beautiful.
Michael Lohr – Austil Gitarre – Germany

Strong songs, great guitar and a very good song let the good 55 minutes just flew pass and can each be set to the heart.
Rocktimes – Germany

All the tunes are arranged by Franco’s personal touch in an unmistakable sound, using open tunings alongwith the sweet and passionate Raffaella’s voice merging altogether in a suggestive music of the spheres. Meeting with the play list, there are also some original tunes, consistent in principle with all the others, giving witness to a mature acoustic and traditional music character.
Acoustic Music Records – Germany

It’s not just a collection of beautiful songs. It is a source of warmth and sincere emotions. A better execution makes us listen to the music. Your interpretation moves the affections.. Since listening to the first song Caledonia, there is the motivation that drove the interpreters to record that song, which lies in the desire to express emotions and communicate. The clear voice and supple, warm and intense is shrouded by the sound of the guitar, which is not limited to accompanying, but complementary to singing with sobriety and simplicity made of great wisdom. The vocal passages and guitar weaving face sometimes episodes not technically easy, but escaping from free virtuosities to make the musical communication with the spirit of great simplicity and sincerity. On a side note the original songs by Raffaella Luna. In particular,”Roses, skies blue” and “La Nuit” whose freshness inventiveness and fluidity of melos make us desire to know others hers songs. For me a musician, listen to other musicians often involves analytical aesthetic effort. Listening for the first time in my mind the pleasure of your listening has far exceeded any analytic tendency. So strong was the emotional flow those sounds were communicating. Only at a second listening I could detect the considerable skill and ability of the instrumental palette of Franco Morone and the exceptional skills of Raffaella Luna’s voice. We are faced with one of those rare cases in which those who make music is driven by the desire of communicating it, than by the desire to publish yet another CD. I am reminded of the expression of Danilo Dolci, our great poet and thinking man that says:’ … Communicating comes from the Latin cum munis, pull together the gifts… ‘ Frank and Raffaella do and offer us their gifts, a music sincerely felt and sincerely offered not only to our ears but to our soul. Thank You Raffaella. Thank You Franco.
Antonio Di Pofi – Italia