Vocal Techniques

In august 2008 I was in Ukiah, California,  where the night before I’d had a gig with Franco. That day, while he was engaged in a seminar of guitar, a girl who until then had held aloof, approached me asking: “would you give me a singing lesson?”

Her request came to me unexpected. I wasn’t feeling up to the task.

So I answered her: “I’m sorry, I don’t feel up to it”.

Her reaction surprised me, because I saw her very saddened and I suddenly felt so sorry of my answer, given perhaps too hastily… and then it was late.

I feel for this person a deep gratitude, because this episode made me realize that beyond our level of experience and skills, we should always strive to share our knowledge, few or many, with people eager to learn.
And so I started to teach singing, realizing so that educational activities stimulate the desire to advance and update ourselves every day.



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