These pages are dedicated to my passion for singing, guitar and kitchen. Many activities, organized in the farmhouse of Acoustic Guitar Records, are made in collaboration with Franco Morone, life and music partner, who participates firsthand to the realization of artistic and cultural offerings.

My first Cd with Franco, Songs we Love, was successfully presented at numerous festivals of acoustic music in Italy and Europe. The warmth of the audience and the positive feedback of the criticism led us to produce a subsequent collection: Canti Lontani nel Tempo. This project was born from a search that brings to light some of the most beautiful and significant pages of Italian tradition. We have thus tried to stitch up essential traits of a musicality that already by the end of ‘ 800, expresses an unquestionable melodic power associated with strong human passions, a marriage that has always made the Italian music world famous. Through new arrangements for voice and guitar, Canti Lontani nel Tempo tries to recover authentic lines of the traditional music, because this, years on, still surprises and moves us.

Canti Lontani nel Tempo, like other audio/video recording productions, was born in the studies of the Acoustic Guitar Records, where we mainly organize seminars of fingerstyle guitar, lessons of vocal technique. A magical place full of peace, where you can dive in the study of the instrument and enjoy, at the same time, a vast hilly landscape. A place where good music is accompanied by good food, prepared with care and passion. The workshops have a limited number of participants related to rooms available. The presence of carers in tow is permitted.

Speaking of the kitchen, after repeated requests during Franco’s seminars, I thought to offer a cooking section with a few of my recipes, some also simple, for those wishing to try preparing the dishes tasted here by us.

Finally, there is a guestbook for those who wish to leave a testimony and an updated diary containing my personal reflections.

Buona Vita!

15.01.2016 – Franco Morone e Raffaella Luna by Federico Bruni – Six Bar Jail

15.01.2016 – Franco Morone and Raffaella Luna by Federico Bruni – Six Bar Jail


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